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SEO Budget: How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services in Bangladesh?

Written by: S M Lutfor Rahman
Last Updated October 9, 2023
Originally Published On: September 12, 2022
How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services in Bangladesh

Search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you ensure that your website will be found by customers when they perform search queries on engines like Google and Bing.

However, SEO isn’t just an optional service anymore – it’s an absolute necessity if you want to gain visibility in your industry and bring in new customers to your business.

So how much should you spend on SEO services in Bangladesh? Here are some things to consider as you develop your budget strategy for SEO in Bangladesh.

What is a realistic SEO cost per month in Bangladesh?

While we're not experts when it comes to what a realistic budget should be for a business looking to hire an SEO company, here are some general industry standards to help you get a sense of how much the price can fluctuate from company to company.

For example, the average cost of a professional service might be 40,000৳ ($500) to 60,000৳ ($750 per month for standard optimization and management services.

However, according to our research, a realistic monthly cost for an SEO campaign is between 40,000৳ and 4,00,000৳ depending of your goals.

These range from getting more traffic to get more conversions or just improving your organic rankings. We recommend a comprehensive campaign that includes keyword research, content creation, link building, rank tracking and maintenance for about 85,000 taka per month for most businesses.

SEO Cost in Bangladesh: How Much Does SEO Cost in 2022?

SEO Cost in Bangladesh How Much Does SEO Cost in 2022

If you have an online business in Bangladesh, you’ve likely heard about SEO services in Bangladesh, which can help your business thrive online by improving its search engine optimization.

You might think that as long as your website has been developed using best SEO practices, it will appear high on the search results pages of Google and other search engines, but the reality is more complicated than that.

There are many different components of SEO and many different factors that affect search engine rankings – some of which are within your control, and some of which are not.

SEO cost factors

  • SEO plan, aggressiveness goals
  • Service provider’s experience
  • Service provider’s location
  • Client business’s size

Other factors to consider while creating SEO Budget

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial tool for any business looking for success, and those SEO services can be surprisingly expensive.
  • Many marketing agencies charge by the hour, which creates a substantial SEO budget cost when they offer you some unexpected advice! If you don't want to be budget-strapped at the end of the year, it's important to set your SEO budget as soon as possible.
  • With these recommendations, you will be able to make informed decisions about what changes need to be made, and then get into action by following an SEO checklist.
  • Your SEO budget will also determine the quality of services you receive, so it's important that you know what your budget is before hiring an SEO company.

What do SEO services include?

Asking your potential agency what they offer and how they approach the work will help you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right time to invest in these services and this company specifically. Here are some of the most important things to know about SEO services before you decide to contract out this type of work to an agency, company, or freelancer.

SEO Service TypeTypical DeliverablesCost in BDT
Monthly SEO1. SEO audit
2. Analytics setup
3. Routine reporting
4. Keyword research
5. Keyword integration
6. On-page optimizations
7. Off-page optimizations
8. Technical optimizations
9. Content creation
20000৳ to 1,00,000৳
Project-Based SEO1. SEO audit
2. Analytics setup
3. Project-specific optimizations
4. Routine reporting
1,00,000৳ to20,00,00৳
SEO Consulting1. SEO audit
2. Content audit
3. Ranking and Marketing Strategy
4. SEO implementation
5. Team Meeting
6. Routine reporting
10,000৳ to 85,00,00৳

Why the cost of SEO shouldn't be your only deciding factor?

You've decided that you need to hire an agency to handle your search engine optimization strategy, but you're having trouble finding the right one to suit your business needs.

Cost doesn’t equal quality

Like any industry, you'll get what you pay for when it comes to SEO services. But price alone should not be the deciding factor in choosing a company. Keep in mind that while some low-cost SEO companies do a fantastic job, others might offer packages that are too good to be true and deliver poor results. Be wary of up-front pricing deals with companies that claim they can guarantee page 1 Google ranking within 30 days or 3 months and so on.

Know what you want before you start searching

There are many services to help you start and grow a website, and it can seem overwhelming. Take time to figure out what you want from your website before doing too much research into finding the best SEO price. For example, do you want this site just for personal use or is this for a business? Do you need hosting? What about email accounts? Your research could take weeks instead of hours if you don't figure out what is most important to get from an SEO service.

Best companies don’t always have a higher price point

You'll also want to find out how often they charge, what their average turnaround time is, how many clients they have at any given time, and so on. The quality and size of a company will often dictate its price point. But it's important to make sure that you are looking at all other factors before choosing the first company you see with a number in mind.

Look for customizable SEO packages

Since every business is different, it's important to find a package that offers flexibility so you can adjust how much you invest in the different aspects of SEO.

For example, one plan might require a monthly investment while another has an initial investment plus an optional monthly subscription fee. Whatever you decide, research multiple companies before making a final decision to find one that is right for you.

Focus on full-service SEO solutions

We're not going to tell you there's a magic number for what a company should charge for SEO. But we will tell you that you need to find an SEO company that can provide everything your business needs for its SEO strategy.

Understand that there are no guarantees in SEO

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are no guarantees with SEO. The keywords you're targeting might have limited demand, or another business may have already established a strong presence for themselves in your market. Plus, it's tough to know how well an agency will deliver their services since you're essentially relying on their promises. This all contributes to the risk involved with hiring any service provider for SEO work.

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