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Technical SEO Services in Bangladesh

Technical SEO includes website and server optimizations that assist search engine spiders in crawling and indexing your site better. 

Our technical SEO services include an in-depth technical audit and fixing. We analyze site structure, link structure, content silo, click depth, crawling and indexing issues, etc. Thus optimizing your website to outrank your competitors in organic search, we utilize every technical edge, from mobile-friendliness to schema markup.

Technical SEO services are necessary if-

  • Webpages are not indexing and keywords are not ranking well.
  • Need to build a solid ranking strategy. 
  • Creating a silo to avoid issues like keyword cannibalization and duplicate content.
  • You need a strong foundation to dominate SERPs by providing structured data.
  • Track how your SEO campaign is performing. 


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Technical SEO Services at LutforPro

What is Technical SEO and Why is it Important?

The term technical SEO refers to optimizing websites and servers to make them easier to crawl and index.  For seamless online experiences, your website's SEO needs to be audited to determine which aspects need to be improved. It will assist you in ensuring your website has the technical characteristics that search engines prefer, such as secure connections, responsive designs, and fast loading times. 
Search engines such as Google are committed to delivering the most relevant results possible. A number of factors are considered when Google's robots crawl and evaluate web pages. Some factors affect a user's experience, such as how fast a page loads.
Your pages are also analyzed by search engine robots based on other factors. It is precisely this function that structured data performs, among others. Hence, if you improve your site's technical aspects, search engines will crawl and understand it better. It is possible to rank higher if you do this well. You can even earn some rich results!
The technical aspect of SEO is often the most problematic and challenging part of the overall plan. In technical SEO checklists, there are many different elements that help people evaluate and rank a website's content and structure. This will result in an increased website's visibility in more relevant keywords by implementing a great silo and well-optimized websites. 
If your site isn't technically sound, search engines cannot access it at all, which eliminates your chances of ranking from the start. Dynamic website that use javascript framework have some benefits but they lack basic SEO features. However, this can be easily solve by using js libraries and plugins. Hence, it will be beneficial if hire an seo expert as consultent. 
With on-page and off-page SEO, you'll be ready to dig in and win. We manage elements such as crawling, indexing, status codes, page speed, content, site structure, mobile usability, SSL, structured data, migrations, and rendering for websites. You need great SEO as the foundation of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A sure-fire path to success in the SERPs begins with technical aspects of SEO, followed by on-page and off-page factors.

Compete Technical SEO Audit for Your Website

Technical SEO audits check various technical aspects of a website to determine whether they are following adequate SEO practices. In other words, these are the parts of your site that directly affect search engine rankings. Our technical SEO audit phase identified the following major issues:

  • 5XX Server side errors
  • 4XX client—side error
  • 3XX errors
  • HTTP Security issue
  • Redirection issues
  • Indexing Issues
  • Page Speed Insight Score and Core Web Vitals issue
  • Multiple redirects on websites
  • Alternate page tagged with canonical
  • Index, no-index tags, x-robots meta tags etc.
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Blocked by robots.txt
  • Pagination, Canonical tag
  • Usability and mobile friendliness
  • Schema and JavaScript
  • Internal and External Link and other Errors

SEO Technical Audit

Technical SEO is crucial to the success of every website. To analyze the technical aspects of your website, you must conduct a technical SEO audit as part of your site maintenance. The purpose of a site audit is to see if your site is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among others.

Our Technical SEO Services Include the Following Components

Technical SEO Audit

We begin our Technical SEO Services with a basic Technical SEO Audit using professional tools. We use our experience to find out the problems that are  killing your Rankings.

Sitemaps & Crawl Budget Management

Google's crawlers use sitemaps to crawl, index, and rank your most critical pages. A lower crawl error rate and fewer indexation issues mean better results. 

Schema Markup & Rich Results

Use structured data markup to gain a competitive advantage. Optimize your organic search results with rich results that generate even more traffic.

HTML Tags & Technical

We optimize the backend of your website to optimize it for both users and search engine bots, from title tags to meta descriptions to hreflang tags.

Fix Site Hierarchy and Link Structure

It improves the overall performance of SEO. In addition, it helps manage larger sites. It's tough work, and requires rethinking, rewriting and even creating new pages.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Google introduces Core Web Vitals as part of their search algorithms. Crawlers take a variety of factors into account, so optimize your site accordingly.

JavaScript Optimization

The JavaScript script plays a significant role in SEO. JavaScript interactions with hosts and events affect SEO performance.

Fixing Coverage Issues

Using Google Search Console, we measure crawling and indexing progress. That  helps us fixing crawling, rendering, and indexing issues.

Fixing Broken Links

Broken link affects bounce rates, time on site, and how link juice is passed indirectly. It may negatively impact SEO rankings.

Creating better SERP and UX starts with technical SEO

Your business won't be noticed unless it appears in the top search engine results. Websites and servers are optimization is needed to provide a faster loading experience and improve search engine rankings.

To stay ahead of our competitors, we constantly research how search engines crawl, render, index, and rank websites.So that we can deliver unmatched quality on our SEO service.

Similerly, our Technical SEO services can be customized to meet your needs. Thus, we tailor our technical assessment, our statement of work, and even our recommendations to the number of developers you have, your current KPIs, and your timeline.

Keeping up with the latest algorithm updates and on-page SEO strategies is critical to your website's profitability. The ability to understand what SEO is and what it requires to ensure your website's structure is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly. Our technical SEO services are planned and executed in a way that yields unparalleled results.


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