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Page Rank NS (NearestSeeds)

PagerankNS (or pagerankNs) is a PageRank score for a document, calculated using the NearestSeeds method. It evaluates the quality and quantity of links but also understands the semantics of web content.

PageRank_NS is an advanced Google algorithm designed to measure the relevance of webpages to search queries. NS stands for NearestSeeds, referring to a method that enhances the traditional PageRank approach by using advanced techniques to assess webpage relevance.

PageRankNS Mentions google_api_content_warehouse

Google algo leak mentioned seven different types of PageRank, among them "Page Rank NS" and "ToolBar PageRank" are the most prominent.

PageRank_NS is the PageRank method currently used in production, as confirmed by multiple mentions in the documentation. The term "NearestSeeds" suggests a connection to a Google patent titled "Producing a ranking for pages using distances in a web-link graph." This method involves seed pages and link distances to propagate PageRank.

How does it Work?

The attribute Pagerank-NearestSeeds is a PageRank score for a document, calculated using the NearestSeeds method. Seed websites, such as the New York Times or CNN, are those that Google trusts highly. These seed sites are manually reviewed and deemed legitimately reputable, only linking to truly valuable pages, making it difficult to manipulate rankings. Links from pages closer to these seed sites carry extra weight in terms of trust and reputation.

Factors Considered

Traditionally, the rank of a webpage was highly dependent on the links from important pages. PageRank_NS counts many other factors to show up more relevant search results. Some of these factors include source credibility, the freshness of the content, user interaction, entity matching, and semantic analysis.

PageRank_NS emphasizes the quality of content to understand its relevance rather than simply relying on the links. For example, it can understand whether a webpage is discussing the search query in a meaningful way or simply mentioning the topic in the content randomly to manipulate the search engine to get higher ranks. This advanced technique helps the search engine to provide better search results that are more relevant to the search query than before.


For SEO professionals, this means shifting focus from traditional link-building to enhancing content quality, user engagement, and acquiring links from highly reputable seed sites. This approach aims to improve the user experience by delivering the most relevant search results, even from less authoritative websites.

Overall, PageRank_NS represents a noteworthy advancement in search engine ranking methodologies by incorporating a broader range of factors beyond just link analysis. This refined approach ensures that the most relevant and trustworthy content is prioritized. Your SEO strategies must evolve to emphasize high-quality content, user engagement, and reputable link acquisition.

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